Who’s the Hostage Now?


Trump took the Dreamers hostage to get the money for his Great Wall. Ultimately, the Democrats bit. Then, whoever was pulling Trump’s strings decided that was not enough: they needed to couple Dreamers plus Wall with Make America White Again immigration law changes.

Yesterday, after veto threats and heavy lobbying, Trump killed the Wall for Dreamers deal he had wanted. It got 54 votes in the Senate, thus falling to a filibuster supported by 45 Republicans. Forty-five Republicans who either want to deport Dreamers, or are scared shitless of Trump and their own rabid base.

Meanwhile, the Make America White Again proposal fell on its face, winning support from 36 Republicans and three Democrats. Fourteen Republican Senators—chanting “No Amnesty! No “Amnesty! No Amnesty!”—voted against it.

Against this background, two federal courts have enjoined Trump from deporting Dreamers. I have not studied the technical legal issues raised by these decisions, but, whatever the legal analysis may be, I strongly suspect that most courts will be inclined to cut the Dreamers some slack, while viewing any Trumpian legal arguments through a highly skeptical lens.

So, who’s the hostage now? Trump took the Dreamers hostage in exchange for his Wall. But isn’t the Wall now hostage to the Dreamers?

Because, with matters at this pass, good luck getting the Democrats to do any deal at all with President Bad Faith Negotiator.

Because, when the kidnapper takes the hostage, and his family pays the ransom, but the kidnapper still tries to kill the hostage, good luck to the kidnapper in doing any more deals.

So, here’s a final question: how long do y’all think it will be before President Shit for Brains will be viciously tweeting to condemn the folks who painted him into this corner?