Emperor Goes to Davos Wearing New Clothes


I believe I have already blogged on the emperor’s-new-clothes theme, but a friend writes from afar to suggest that I do so again. I am happy to oblige.

Trump is off to Davos, accompanied by a vast array of sycophants, but minus Mrs. At times in the past, the incumbent Mrs. Trump herself let herself be photographed with far fewer garments than are customary.


But now, she seems to be asserting her dignity. And, Aardvark says, good for her.

The time has come for all the actual world leaders—you know, Merkel, Macron, May, that lot—to imitate the little boy in the story. They need to tell Trump that he’s naked, and, what’s more, despite what he proclaims to the world, his dick isn’t all that impressive.