No Shit, Sherlock


Amber Phillips, There’s a strong case to make that Trump is a big reason why the government just shut down

Out there in the business world there are four kinds of negotiators. Some—not very many, but some—are pushovers. Some are decent people who negotiate hard and drive the best bargain they can. Some are genuinely bad actors, but they are rational bad actors; those people you can deal with, when your respective interests happen to coincide—just be sure to watch your back. And, finally, there are people whose word is so bad, who are so unreliable, that it is an utter waste of time to try to deal with them. Sort of like Charlie Brown, Lucy, and the football.

And you know which kind of negotiator Trump is.

Hence, the dilemma.

On the one hand, Congress can’t negotiate a deal without him.

On the other hand, Congress can’t negotiate a deal with him.

Oh, and BTW, Let Me Be Sure I Have This Straight:

Lots of congressional Republicans believe that protections should be extended to Dreamers.

But they just don’t want to take this action as part of a stopgap spending measure.

So, rather than take the right and moral position as part of a spending measure, they would rather shut down the government.

That sounds fair.