The Next President of the United States

next president

From today’s Quinnipiac poll:

In a very early hypothetical presidential matchup, Oprah Winfrey, running as a Democrat, beats Trump 52 – 39 percent.

Women rally to Oprah 58 – 33 percent, while men are split 45 – 45 percent. Oprah leads 88 – 4 percent among black voters and 66 – 24 percent among Hispanic voters, while white voters go 47 percent for Trump and 44 percent for Winfrey.

… Independent voters back Oprah 49 – 38 percent.

But American voters say 66 – 14 percent that electing a celebrity to the office of president is a bad idea.

In a question in which no opponent is named, voters say 65 – 24 percent that they would not be inclined to vote for Oprah for president.

These same voters say 62 – 34 percent they would not be inclined to vote for Trump.

A Stable Genius?

Meanwhile, the same poll shows that 53 percent of men think Trump is stable while 40 percent say he is not. But the view among the sisterhood is very different: stable, 39 percent; nutty as a fruitcake, 53 percent.