On Shit Hooks


My earlier post, distinguishing between shitholes and shithouses, has engendered some commentary among my old friends. One, who hails from Arkansas, bemoans the failure to mention Senator Cotton.

Another old friend allows as how Senators Perdue and Cotton might best be viewed as examples of shit hooks. “Perhaps it is a southern term,” he avers, “but it means someone who will so parse another’s words as to pervert the underlying truth. Used in a sentence: ‘Senators Perdue and Cotton are a couple of shit hooks.”

I was moved to do some research on the internet, where I learned,

On college campuses in the 1960s [“shit hook”] came to be used for clumsy person, or a an unpleasant or aggressive individual. It was used in place of the older ‘shitheel’ (1930s) meaning a despicable person, a scoundrel, blackguard, bastard as a word of scorn for people who have excrement on there shoes and followed from the earlier ‘shit-shoe’ (1903).