The Redneck Right and the Respectable Right

After a year in office, Trump has done a dandy job of driving a wedge between the I’m-proud-to-be-an-asshole Redneck Right and the I’m-not-a-racist-BUT Respectable Right. They are already at one anothers throats.

See, for example, this morning’s reporting that Moore forces seek retribution against Shelby: Alabama’s special election is still tearing at the Republican Party.

Meanwhile, over in Georgia—where Trump had a five point lead in 2016, and where the Republican governor is viewed favorably by 53 percent and unfavorably by fewer than 25 percent of voters—the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Trump’s approval rantings in Georgia erode:

President Donald Trump’s approval ratings have crumbled in Georgia over his first year in the White House, according to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll released Friday that shows nearly six in 10 registered voters disapprove of his performance.

The poll, conducted by the University of Georgia’s School of Public and International Affairs, pegs the president’s approval rating at 36.7 percent and his disapproval rating at 58.7 percent. That’s a decline from an AJC poll conducted in January 2017 shortly before he took office with more evenly divided results. …

The AJC survey of 940 voters, with a margin of error of plus or minus 3.2 points, was conducted before Trump criticized immigrants from “shithole” countries, but several conservative-leaning respondents interviewed by the AJC said those types of remarks highlighted their concerns about him.

“Whoever hears of someone talking this way?” asked Stuart Siegel, a 74-year-old Sandy Springs retiree.

“I was a Republican until this last election, but I’m becoming more of an independent,” he added. “I’ve seen some of the good things he’s done — like lowering the corporate taxes — but I don’t like him personally. Not at all. I don’t think he has the stature of a president.”

Obviously, lots of Trump voters still approve of him and are willing to say so.

But the AJC reports that

  • 15 percent of Trump’s Georgia voters do not “approve of his first year in office,”
  • 70 percent of those who describe themselves as “moderates” disapprove,
  • 44 percent of male Georgia voters approve of Trump, while
  • fewer than one third of Georgia female voters approve.

If Trump lasts another six months or a year, there’s going to be a civil war on the right. Bannon may or may not find another deep pocket to finance his side of the Republican civil war. It doesn’t matter, because Trump himself will keep on inciting the war between the Proud Rednecks and the Respectable Right.

And Senators Cotton Persude and Graham are not going to be able to keep on forgetting the shit they heard in the Oval Office.

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