Why, Oh Why …


… Is the Republican Establishment Chortling Over the Fall of Steve Bannon, When They Should be in Despair that the President is a Moron?

This is the question that lots of the talking heads are pondering in wonderment this morning.

Now, I would like to say, first, that Aardvark does not suffer from the Trumpian delusion that he is smarter than everyone else. Really.

But, come on guys, give me a break.

Ryan and McConnell and the whole sorry lot of them are indeed chortling over the fall of Bannon. But not just over the fall of Bannon. They think that Trump and Bannon have mutually imploded.

They think that soon they will be rid of the both of them. They think that the right wing populists will soon crawl back into the holes from whence they emerged in 2016. They think that after the fire and fury are over, the uneducatted white folks will just go back to pulling the lever for politicians who want to distribute wealth ever upward.

They think that things couldn’t be better.

Stock market sky high. Wages stagnant. What a country!

And why might our solons celebrate the fact that the country is being run by a delusional narcissistic man child? Doesn’t this celebration evidence really bad character? And why, oh why, are all these people in positions of responsibility acting so irresponsibly?

I know the answer, and I think the talking heads know the answer too. There are sober and responsible people who entertain right wing and center-right views. But such people cannot get elected to office. The plutocrats won’t give them money and the base won’t vote for them.