Dr. Faustus Gets His Tax Cut—and the Silver Lining for Progressives


Today’s reading recommendations:

How the Trump Tax Cuts Solved the Democrats’ Campaign Problem

Trump is about to ‘win’ on taxes. This could help Democrats solve a very big dilemma.

What’s the “problem” and what’s the “dilemma”? Whether to run against regular Republicans or to run against Trump.

Answer: now that Trump has fully embraced the plutocracy, you run against ‘em both at the same time!

For the aggressively greedy among the plutocrats, Trump has proved the most useful of useful idiots, and the devil has fully lived up to his side of the bargain. Now on to dismantling the welfare state and completing the immiseration of the rubes who voted for Trump!

For the Bannonites, they have a big problem: it’s kind of hard to call Mitch McConnell a traitor to Trump, when Trump has taken McConnell to his bosom. But tough noogies for the Bannonites. They can paddle their own canoe, and they can paddle it up whatever creek they choose.

For the progressives, as today’s commentators spell out, a big dilemma is solved: we run against the Devil and Dr. Faustus, all at the same time.

For all the uneducated white folks who embraced Trump and his white identity politics, their dilemma has only just begun. They are, by and large, a very gullible lot. But there are limits to gullibility, even among the very gullible. It may take you a while to realize that you are being scammed. But when they pull your pants down and ram it in, you just may get the message.