Nothing Exceeds Like Excess


Trump urged Alabamans to view the Senate election as a referendum on him, and, my guess is, they accepted the invitation. In the county of Aardvark’s nativity, 58 percent of voters picked Trump in 2016, but 41 percent chose Trump-endorsed Roy Moore in 2017. I believe that’s a reduction of 17 points.

Other data point toward the same conclusion. Making his first—and likely last—appearance as guest blogger for Aardvark, Jonah Goldberg tells us,

Suffolk University and USA Today released a poll this week which found that among people who trust Fox News the most, the president’s approval rating has been sinking. His favorability among Fox devotees in June was 90 percent. In October, it was 74 percent. This week? Fifty-eight percent. If that trend continues, he will be underwater with the Fox audience long before the 2018 midterms.

Over at Daily Kos, someone writing under the pseudonym—at least I hope it’s a pseudonym—of News Corpse delves deeply into what might account for Trump’s fall among aficionados of Faux News:

So what accounts for Trump’s slumping approval by Fox News cultists? It’s hard to say. Since Fox is virtually Trump’s PR division, their audience is the group of news consumers that see the most of him. Perhaps being exposed so incessantly to his wrinkled visage and grating voice has driven home what a crass and repugnant cretin he is. Maybe they just got tired of his bragging and bullying and whining and lying. He’s become a one-note recording of infantile narcissism with regard to himself and abject hostility toward his critics. And even though Fox News presents an exclusively adoring picture of Trump, maybe their viewers have seen through it and are disgusted and weary of the charade. You know – the fake news.

Sounds about right to me.

A lot of Fox viewers wanted a national figure to validate their cultural and racial resentments–not a person so crazed that he would give bigotry a bad name.