What Al Franken Didn’t Say


One, he didn’t say what he regards as appropriate touching behavior.

Two, he didn’t say whether he always abided by whatever he believes appropriate behavior requires.

Three, he didn’t say which claims against him were true and which were not.

Four, he didn’t say whether he had anything to apologize for. Nor did he apologize for anything.

If he had what he thought were appropriate behavior standards and he thought he always, or almost always, abided by those standards, then he should have told his colleagues to take a flying leap, and he should have gone through the ethics investigation. But that is apparently not the case.

Yes, some unacceptable behaviors are worse than other unacceptable behaviors. Robbery at gunpoint is worse than stealing a piece of candy from an obese child. But I don’t want people in congress who think it’s OK for them to steal candy.                 s