Overreach: A Shit Sandwich Too Far


From the plutocrats’—superficial—perspective, Trump is a wet dream come true: a super con man who channels racial and cultural resentment so perfectly that he can sell shit sandwiches and make the rubes think it’s the best grade of roast beef. After all, Fox News told them so.

In such a circumstance, what would the logical plutocrat do? Gentle reader, I think you know. I think you can Sherlock out the answer to this question. But permit Aardvark to answer it anyway.

Believing that they have found an infallible way to sell shit and call it Shinola, the rational plutocrat is going to overreach, and overreach badly.

They are going to enact a tax plan so disastrously bad for their supporters, that some non-trivial number of their most gullible bumpkins are going to realize that something is badly out of whack.

That, Aardvark suggests, is logic. But is this alleged logic supported by data?

Consider this.

As of this week 35 percent of Americans approve of Trump’s job performance. So says Gallup. So says Quinnipiac. But only 29 percent favor the Republican tax plan. So say both Gallup and Quinnipiac.

And that’s before we have seen the final product. And before the implications have begun to sink in. And before the 30-second ads have begun to appear on TV.

But that’s in the future. Let’s return to the present.

If we assume that all 29 percent of tax plan supporters are also among the 35 percent who support Trump, that would mean that six percent support Trump but don’t support the tax plan. Put another way, it would mean that Trump is selling the shit sandwich to only 86 percent of his minority base, while the remaining 14 percent are not buying.

But the assumption I just stated is surely incorrect. Surely, a goodly number of tax plan supporters—not the majority, but a goodly number—are not Trump supporters. Surely, a lot of them are the kind of people who feel that they are the deserving rich, but look upon Trump as the low-life that he is.

The Great Con Man’s tax con isn’t working with what portion of his remaining followers? At the very minimum, it isn’t working with 14 percent of them. Probably more like 20 percent. Maybe 25 percent.

And what do you think is going to happen when the plutocrats try next year to take away Trump supporters’ Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid?

It will be great fun to watch.