The Coup Clutz Clowns—and an Alternative View of Dr. Rorschach’s Ink Blob


Aardvark is not a professional blogger, so he gets to blog unprofessionally. Accordingly, this brief post deals with two unrelated topics. (On second thought, maybe the two are related after all; you be the judge.)

Firstly, I would like to thank Freda Foxy here at Happy Acres for comparing Aardvark’s style of humor to that of the Coup Clutz Clowns, pictured above. I am flattered by the comparison. And, while I’m at it, here’s a Sara Palin shoutout to Freda and all the other progressive grandmothers here at Happy Acres who are getting themselves organized to do some serious lobbyin’, educatin’, and demonstratin’.

On a second—and (superficially, at least) unrelated matter—I’d like to call your attention to Martin Longman’s article, wherein he discloses What Really Happened at the White House Yesterday. Contrary to what  you may have thought, and what you may have been told by other commentators, Trump did not in fact make an inexplicable lurch toward the left, leaving McConnell and Ryan unhappily holding the bag. Instead, in Longman’s telling, what happened was the inevitable, and highly scripted, consequence of the predicament that all parties were in.

Aardvark presents this analysis for his readers’ edification, but does not necessarily endorse it. The simpler explanation—the one Occam would find more appealing—is that Trump was just screwing around once again. And McConnell and Ryan were crying the tears of a clown.