Stranger than Strange

shit sandwich

Only a few days ago Charles Blow rightly described Trump as the King of Alabama:

This is the man we have: one who doesn’t want to lead a country but wants to rule a tribe.

Most of the people who support him are just fine with his approach and behavior. These people baffle the throngs who see a man unfit for office and possibly inching closer to diagnosable insanity.

But I think that if people want to understand what is happening here, to understand why Trump’s support is so strong in some quarters, we need to broaden the scope of inquiry beyond just the Rust Belt states that he won by razor-thin margins and beyond border states where the wall would have great impact.

We also need to look at Southern states that he carried by enormous margins. We have to look at states like Alabama.

In doing so, we have to examine the history of Alabama and see how white supremacy tracks across time and culminates with Trump.

Well, not exactly “culminates.” Because, nutty and racist as Trump is, it could be even worse. You see, the problem is, if you’re the kind of person who likes shit sandwiches, once you’ve tasted the real thing, you’re no longer satisfied with hamburger avec un soupçon de merde.

And so, down in Alabama, it’s looking like Plutocrats, 0; Nutjobs, 10.

Today, reporting from Trump’s southerly Kingdom, Politico says,

Conservatives led by Breitbart News are waging an all-out campaign to stop a candidate backed by Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell in the Alabama Senate special election — putting growing pressure on the president to step away from his endorsement.

With just over three weeks until the runoff, far-right forces are starting to close ranks around former state Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore, an evangelical bomb-thrower who famously defied a federal order to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments from a state building. …

With several recent polls showing Moore with a lead over Strange, Trump must decide whether to spend precious political capital on the senator’s behalf. Prior to the primary, Trump repeatedly tweeted his support for the incumbent and cut a robo-call for him.

But he has said little about the contest since then, other than a post-election tweet congratulating “Roy Moore and Luther Strange for being the final two and heading into a September runoff in Alabama.

“Exciting race!” Trump added. …

“It would be wise for Trump to not meddle in our affairs,” said state Rep. Ed Henry, a Moore supporter who co-chaired Trump’s Alabama campaign. “He needs to understand that we know best. We were savvy enough to pick him. Trust us to pick someone who will make America great again.”

The “wedge” between the rubes and the plutocrats gets bigger and bigger. The Republican “center” cannot hold. And the unspeakable Roy Moore creeps toward Bethlehem to be born.