The Aardvarks Are Back!

What a wonderful vacation on Guam!

And it’s good to know that very little of importance happened here in America while we were gone.

Actually, though our vacation was almost perfect, it was slightly marred by the tenfold increase in tourism that Trump predicted, as a result of his threats to North Korea and North Korea’s threats to Guam.

Trump was right! As always, the wisdom and perspicacity of that man amaze me.

As a result of the influx of tourists, the people were so thick on the beaches that it was tough to get a good tan. And there were so many folks crowded around the bars that it was a challenge to get soused enough to forget the craziness back in America.

But there were compensations. In the evening Dr. Aardvark and I would order a pitcher of maitais, sit on the balcony of our beach hotel, and watch the beautiful North Korean missiles whizzing overhead. Well worth the trip. Far better than Fourth of July fireworks.

Our only regret is that the vacation ended and had to leave. Guam, Take Me Back!