American White Men Are Not a Credit to their Race

not a credit

According to the Quinnipiac University poll published today,

President Donald Trump plunges to a new low as American voters disapprove 61 – 33 percent of the job he is doing, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released today. White men are divided 47 – 48 percent and Republicans approve 76 – 17 percent. White voters with no college degree, a key part of the president’s base, disapprove 50 – 43 percent.

Today’s approval rating is down from a 55 – 40 percent disapproval in a June 29 survey by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University. This is President Trump’s lowest approval and highest disapproval number since he was inaugurated.

American voters say 54 – 26 percent that they are embarrassed rather than proud to have Trump as president. Voters say 57 – 40 percent he is abusing the powers of his office and say 60 – 36 percent that he believes he is above the law.

President Trump is not levelheaded, say 71 – 26 percent of voters, his worst score on that character trait. Voter opinions of most other Trump qualities drop to new lows:

62 – 34 percent that he is not honest;

63 – 34 percent that he does not have good leadership skills;

59 – 39 percent that he does not care about average Americans;

58 – 39 percent that he is a strong person;

55 – 42 percent that he is intelligent;

63 – 34 percent that he does not share their values.

“It’s hard to pick what is the most alarming number in the troubling trail of new lows for President Donald Trump,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

Profound embarrassment over his performance in office and deepening concern over his level-headedness have to raise the biggest red flags.”

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The “honest” and “intelligent” numbers are interesting. I suppose that I would have said yes to the question, “Is he a strong person?” But I am surprised that 55 percent viewed him as “intelligent.” That said, there are many ways to be smart, and many ways to be stupid.

Takeaway Lesson

The continuing decline of white people as a percentage of the overall American population is a great blessing. Let us pray that it accelerates.


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