Medicare for All

pie in the sky

Here at Happy Acres, the growing band of progressives has invited a speaker on Medicare for All. Everyone is excited.

Meanwhile, Fred Hiatt—no progressive he—has composed a thumb sucker called Behold the Trump boomerang effect. It’s like the Midas touch in reverse: everything that Trump wants to do backfires on him. Among many disparate examples, Hiatt addresses health care:

Obamacare is not just hanging on but becoming more popular the more Trump tries to bury it. And if he now tries to mismanage Obamacare to its death, we may boomerang all the way to single-payer health insurance. This year’s debate showed that most Americans now believe everyone should have access to health care. If the private insurance market is made to seem undependable, the fallback won’t be Trumpcare. It will be Medicare for all.

Unless Trump beats the Democratic establishment to the punch.

At Daily Kos Egberto Willies warns: Democrats beware: Trump may beat you to single payer Medicare for all.

I think Willies is right and Hiatt is wrong. Hiatt obviously has not grasped the full absurdity of the moment. Contrary to the reasonable but inaccurate assumption Hiatt makes, Trump does not give a flying fuck about keeping American health care in the tender embrace of the insurance industry. Trump wants a bill to that seems bold and courageous and has his name on it. That’s winning!

So, progressives, what do we do? The Paul Ryan Republicans made their deal with their devil, and it has not worked out well for them. Should we progressives propose our very own Faustian bargain? Should we embrace the

Donald Trump Make American Health Care Great Again Medicare for All Act of 2017