Torn Between Two Lovers, Feeling Like a Fool

Two Lovers

Recently, Aardvark and his posse have been yucking it up over Trump’s twitter war with Sessions—and how anguished the dispute makes Trump supporters, who first loved Sessions’ right-wing nativism, long before Trump had discovered birtherism.

Our discussions have touched on the appropriate use of the word Schadenfreude.

This from Hans—who has his own special tie to Sessions’ native state. The suggestion is that it is to be sung below Jeff Sessions’ balcony.

Torn between my two lovers, feeling like a fool

Still loving both of you is now against the rule. 

You mustn’t think you failed me just because there’s someone else

You were the first real love I ever had

And all the things I ever said

I swear they are still true

For no one else can have the part of me I gave to you.

But now I have my Donald

You have to face it, Jeff.

There is a whole new menu,

I love a whole new chef.