Leaving the Stadium

leaving stadium

In 2016 Trump received 46.09 percent of the popular vote. In April, 2017, 42 percent approved of the job he was doing as President. As of early July, his job approval rating has decreased to 36 percent.

In other words, 22 percent of the people who voted for Trump are disappointed in him.

Whether they are disappointed enough to regret their vote, and to wish they had voted for Hillary, is another matter. Probably yes for some and no for others.

To gain further insight into this question, a recent poll of people who voted for Trump but now “disapprove of his job as President” found that more than half of them “strongly agree” with the following statements.

  1. It is a great relief to me that Trump meant none of what he said about draining the swamp, because I love the swamp, and feel right at home in the swamp.
  2. I was happy to learn that Trump’s repeated promises not to cut Medicaid were hypocritical bullshit, because people who do not make a lot of money do not deserve health care.
  3. At least we got Gorsuch on the Supreme Court.
  4. My disappointment with Trump lies not in his narcissism or his treasonous behavior, but rather in his total incompetence.