All Hat, No Cattle

'Lord, we thank thee for the bounty we're about to receive.'

From Talking Points Memo, interspersed with appropriate commentary:

Trump got close to nothing in the funding bill meant to fund the government for the rest of the fiscal year. He ended up crying uncle or “no mas” on virtually all his demands.

Let’s go down the list.

The EPA was slated for massive cuts – roughly 31%. It will retain 99% of its funding. [All booster, no payload.]

Trump demanded funding for his border wall. He didn’t get any. [All foam, no Dos Equis.]

Trump wanted to cut funding for the National Institutes of Health. It’s getting $2 billion of additional funding. [All lime and salt, no margarita.]

Funding is included for the Obamacare subsidies Trump has threatened not to pay. [All sizzle, no steak.]

There’s no provision for “defunding Planned Parenthood.” [All bark, no bite.]

There’s no language to defund “sanctuary cities.” [All fart, no poo.]

TPM goes on to note that,

Far from the terror to the North he appeared to be, Mexicans are concluding that Trump is low energy. …

None of this is terribly surprising. Trump presented himself as the consummate alpha-male ball buster, someone who speaks and embodies the ethos of domination his most ardent supporters instinctively crave and believe in. In practice, he’s repeatedly adopted what might be termed the preemptive fail, not only talking tough but failing to achieve his aims but actually jumping ahead of the process and unilaterally backing down or saying a metaphorical ‘nevermind’ before the supposed confrontation even arrives. As the Mexicans seem to have concluded Trump is less a threat than a bullshit artist who caves easily and is best either ignored or treated with a stern, disciplined and unafraid response.