“But I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep.”

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Majority in US No Longer Thinks Trump Keeps His Promises

 by Jim Norman

Story Highlights

45% say Trump keeps his promises, down from 62% in February

President loses ground on five other key characteristics

Less supportive groups declined most in belief that Trump keeps his promises

WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Donald Trump’s image among Americans as someone who keeps his promises has faded in the first two months of his presidency, falling from 62% in February to 45%. The public is also less likely to see him as a “strong and decisive leader,” as someone who “can bring about the changes this country needs” or as “honest and trustworthy.”

Yes, ladies and germs, the fans are beginning to leave the stadium in large numbers now.

Meanwhile, on the PBS Evening News Dr. Aardvark and I learned that the stock market had a nice rally today on news that World War III has been put on hold, temporarily.

A-League Rd 8 - Melbourne v Adelaide