Today in the March of Folly

march of folly

Secretaries of State and Defense Spread Fake News, Endorse Witch Hunt

Tillerson and Mattis Blast Russia for Aggression and Election Meddling

witch hunt tweet

Trumped Priorities

Thanks to Mitzie for sending this along from Stand Up Americaß: “Trump has spent $16.5 million on trips to Mar-a-Lago. For that amount, Meals on Wheels could feed 5,967 seniors for a year and after school programs could feed 114,583 children for a year.”

Trump White House to Disband Circular Firing Squad


From White House ponders reorganization after health care debacle, posted on Politico this evening:

Among the top concerns: The circular firing squad continually playing out in the press pitting top aides against one another — a dynamic that one senior adviser described as increasingly unsustainable.

“It will have to either stop or there will have to be decisions made,” this person said, hinting that more serious changes would be made if the incessant shooting doesn’t e

Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day. It’s Bound to be Huuuuuge!