Nothing Much Happened Today


Today is March 31. Nothing much happened.

Witnesses before the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee testified that Russia was successful in its 2016 disinformation campaign because Trump kept on endorsing and retweeting the lies the Ruskies cooked up.

A propos of which, Morning Joe observed that hammer and sickle flags now fly on country club flagpoles all across the country.

Meanwhile, the House Intelligence Committee has just gone out for popcorn for the next four years.

President Twitter, in another pathetic attempt to bully the unbullyable, viciously attacked right wing House Republicans—without whose support the House Republican leadership cannot pass diddlysquat.

And in North Carolina the valiant opponents of excessive governmental intrusion into our lives continued their protracted and bitter debate over where we should all piss and crap.

Nothing much happened today.

Has anybody here seen my old friend Jack?