Make Your Voice Heard—with Resistbot!


This from our intrepid and growing body of progressives here at Happy Acres.

The Resistance Now: robots join the movement.

A robot joined the fight to defend Obamacare – which remains in place indefinitely following a stunning defeat for Donald Trump this afternoon.

Resistbot launched earlier this month but picked up traction this week as protesters sought creative ways to pressure politicians on the healthcare vote.

Created by startup entrepreneur Eric Ries, it turns text messages into faxes which are then sent to members of Congress. And it’s free – Resistbot is supported by donations.

“Resistbot was born out of my personal frustrations with trying to contact my members of Congress,” Ries said.

“My reps’ phone lines are always jammed, and there’s only someone there during the day […] So I designed Resistbot to solve this problem for me. It makes it insanely easy to generate a fax to each of my representatives every day.”

How does it Work?

Text  resist  to 50409.

Resistbot turns your text messages into daily letters to Congress— in the simplest and easiest way possible. We are working hard behind the scenes to make sure they are delivered and that your representatives take them seriously.

You can donate if you choose, but there is no cost.

So who says we older folks aren’t tech savvy?