Trump Henchman Protests: EPA not Killing the Environment Fast Enough!

coal pollution

I am sure that you, gentle reader, have probably already digested Robert Draper’s comprehensive account in the New York Times Magazine of last week’s legislative debacle—and of multiple clusterfucks yet to come. (And what about that black and white photo of Trump, huh?)

To complete your reading pleasure, please permit your Uncle Aardvark to direct your wandering eye to this evening’s takedown in Politico: White House blame game intensified as Trump agenda stalls. Truly, the court of the Borgias had nothing on the court of our naturist emperor Trump.

I particularly loved this part. You remember how Trump’s team put a few henchmen into each important cabinet and agency to ensure loyalty? Well, it turns out the minion installed at EPA, one David Schnare, has now crawled out from under the rock he was assigned to watch—and is accusing Trump’s odious EPA head of being too much of an environmentalist.

Revitalizing the beleaguered coal industry and loosening restrictions on emissions was a cornerstone of Trump’s pitch to blue collar voters. Yet, two months into his presidency, Trump loyalists are accusing EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt of moving too slowly to push the president’s priorities.

Earlier this month, David Schnare, a Trump appointee who worked on the transition team, abruptly quit. According to two people familiar with the matter, among Schnare’s complaints was that Pruitt had yet to overturn the EPA’s endangerment finding, which empowers the agency to regulate greenhouse gas emissions as a public health threat.

Schnare’s departure was described as stormy, and those who’ve spoken with him say his anger at Pruitt runs deep.

“The backstory to my resignation is extremely complex,” he told E&E News, an energy industry trade publication. “I will be writing about it myself. It is a story not about me, but about a much more interesting set of events involving misuse of federal funds, failure to honor oaths of office, and a lack of loyalty to the president.”

Other Trump loyalists at EPA complain they’ve been shut out of meetings with higher-ups and are convinced that Pruitt is pursuing his own agenda instead of the president’s. Some suspect that he is trying to position himself for an eventual Senate campaign. (EPA spokespersons did not respond to requests for comment.)