Progressive Victories, Racist Fuck You’s

Trump wreath

While progressives appear to be winning some real victories today, our President elected to say fuck you to native Americans and African-Americans by laying a wreath at the tomb of Andrew Jackson—whose signal achievements included

  • The ethnic cleansing of vast swaths of the American landscape, and
  • The expansion of slavery.

In these endeavors Old Hickory was aided by Aardvark’s great-great-great-grandfather Rufus Aardvark,* who helped Jackson whoop the Creeks and then decided to help himself to some of their land.

Aardvark understands that Rufus was a man of his time and place and cannot say with any certainty what he himself would have done had he lived at that time and place.

That said, it would be a grave moral error to promote Rufus as one whose behavior is exemplary and worthy of emulation.

That is the error Trump made tonight.

* The story is true; the name is changed.