A Letter to Aardvark


From the AARP:

Dear Aardvark,

I just got out of a briefing on the new health care bill and I’ll be honest with you: It’s really bad.

Special interests – like insurance and drug companies – make out like bandits.

The rest of us? We get stuck with HUGE premium hikes.

Aardvark, your member of Congress needs to hear from you today: Stop this bill now.

The bill includes an “age tax” that would force Americans age 50 to 64 to pay THOUSANDS more for health care.

It weakens Medicare – that could open the door to benefit cuts or turning Medicare into vouchers.

Between the age tax and the reduced tax credits, premiums will soar, and rate hikes could be as high as $8,000 more just to keep the same coverage.

Tell Congress to vote NO on the American Health Care Act.

The problem with health care is skyrocketing costs – and that won’t get fixed with $200 billion in handouts to drug, insurance, and medical device companies.

Congress should work for ordinary Americans, not to line the pockets of special interests.

That’s why AARP is opposing this bill – and we need you to stand with us.

Tell your Representative to vote NO on the American Health Care Act.

AARP is 38 million members strong. We’re nonpartisan, nonprofit, and nationwide. And when we speak up together, Congress must listen.

We won’t sit by while millions see their premiums skyrocket and their benefits put at risk – while insurance and drug companies get even richer.

Stand with us – and tell your Representative to vote NO on the American Health Care Act.

I’ll be in touch soon with more. Thanks for all that you do to protect health care for older Americans.


Fred Griesbach
AARP Campaigns

P.S. Want to learn more about AARP’s objections to this bill? Read our letter to Congress.