Today in the March of Folly

march of folly

Secretaries of State and Defense Spread Fake News, Endorse Witch Hunt

Tillerson and Mattis Blast Russia for Aggression and Election Meddling

witch hunt tweet

Trumped Priorities

Thanks to Mitzie for sending this along from Stand Up Americaß: “Trump has spent $16.5 million on trips to Mar-a-Lago. For that amount, Meals on Wheels could feed 5,967 seniors for a year and after school programs could feed 114,583 children for a year.”

Trump White House to Disband Circular Firing Squad


From White House ponders reorganization after health care debacle, posted on Politico this evening:

Among the top concerns: The circular firing squad continually playing out in the press pitting top aides against one another — a dynamic that one senior adviser described as increasingly unsustainable.

“It will have to either stop or there will have to be decisions made,” this person said, hinting that more serious changes would be made if the incessant shooting doesn’t e

Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day. It’s Bound to be Huuuuuge!

Putin’s Dupe

By now, y’all have probably already seen this, from yesterday’s Senate Intelligence Committee. If not, please watch, beginning about 4:40 into the video. The questioner is Senator James Lankford, Republican of Oklahoma–who seems to have asked the question with full knowledge of what the gist of the answer would be.

And Apart From That, How Did You Like the Play, Mrs. Lincoln?


This morning Michael Gerson, speech writer for Bush 43, writes in Trump’s failing presidency has the GOP in a free fall:

[Trump’s] new strategy is to go on the attack: “The Freedom Caucus will hurt the entire Republican agenda if they don’t get on the team, & fast. We must fight them, & Dems, in 2018!” By targeting individual congressmen, as Trump has now done, he runs the risk of looking pathetic if they remain unintimidated. And will he really carry this campaign beyond his Twitter feed? Have rallies in their districts? Criticize them on conservative talk radio? Raise money for their more moderate opponents? If he takes this route, then the GOP civil war will reach a new stage of bitterness, with legislative progress postponed until a core faction of the party is tweeted into submission or defeated.

Some Republicans choose to comfort themselves by repeating the mantra: “Gorsuch, Gorsuch, Gorsuch.” But that does nothing to change Trump’s stunningly high disapproval ratings. Or the stunning rebuke by the FBI director concerning his claim of being wiretapped by President Barack Obama. Or the stunning rejection of his central campaign promise by elements of his own party. Or his stunning ignorance of the basics of policy and leadership.

And all this has come in the course of the president’s political honeymoon. What, for goodness’ sake, will the marriage be like?

It is now dawning on Republicans what they have done to themselves. They thought they could somehow get away with Trump. That he could be contained. That the adults could provide guidance. That the economy might come to the rescue. That the damage could be limited.

Instead, they are seeing a downward spiral of incompetence and public contempt — a collapse that is yet to reach a floor. A presidency is failing. A party unable to govern is becoming unfit to govern.

And what, in the short term, can be done about it? Nothing. Nothing at all.

Oh, well, you could always try impeachment, notes Aardvark.


This morning Aardvark welcomes his Turkish readers. Hoşgeldiniz, okuyucular.

Nah, Hardly Anything Happened Today

Leading up to his meeting next week with China’s President Xi Jinping, Trump has begun to soften up his forthcoming visitor with a series of vicious tweets.

Aardvark is confident that royally pissing off one quarter of the human race will work out really well for the Trumpster, and for the rest of us.

In other news, the President’s former chief security adviser has graciously agreed to chat with the FBI—on condition that he receives immunity from prosecution.

Has anybody here seen my old friend Abraham?

Nothing Much Happened Today


Today is March 31. Nothing much happened.

Witnesses before the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee testified that Russia was successful in its 2016 disinformation campaign because Trump kept on endorsing and retweeting the lies the Ruskies cooked up.

A propos of which, Morning Joe observed that hammer and sickle flags now fly on country club flagpoles all across the country.

Meanwhile, the House Intelligence Committee has just gone out for popcorn for the next four years.

President Twitter, in another pathetic attempt to bully the unbullyable, viciously attacked right wing House Republicans—without whose support the House Republican leadership cannot pass diddlysquat.

And in North Carolina the valiant opponents of excessive governmental intrusion into our lives continued their protracted and bitter debate over where we should all piss and crap.

Nothing much happened today.

Has anybody here seen my old friend Jack?

How Loooooowww Can It Go?, Part the Second

From the Associated Press, Poll: Americans dislike GOP’s, Trump’s plan on health care

Sixty-two percent of Americans turned thumbs down on Trump’s handling of health care during the initial weeks of his presidency, according to a poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research released Wednesday.  …

An overwhelming 8 in 10 opposed the Republican proposal to let insurers boost premiums on older people. Seven in 10 disapproved of premium surcharges for people whose coverage lapses.

By wide margins, people also disliked proposed cuts in Medicaid, which helps lower-earning people cover medical costs, a halt in federal payments to Planned Parenthood and a transformation of the Obama law’s subsidies – based on income and premium costs – into aid linked to age.

“His campaign promise was great health care for everyone, for all Americans at great prices,” said Raymond Brown, 64, a Republican and retired truck driver from Rio Grande, New Jersey. “He isn’t fulfilling his campaign promise.”

Note from Aardvark: looks like my man Raymond is one of those fans leaving the stadium. The AP article continues,

The results underscore that annulling Obama’s statute is not an issue to be trifled with. More people support than oppose that law by 45 percent to 38 percent, a slightly narrower margin than in January. And a slender majority say covering all Americans is a federal responsibility – a view embraced by Democrats but not Republicans, who instead focus on access and lower premiums. …

Nearly all Democrats and most independents disapproved of Trump’s performance on health care, but so did around 1 in 3 Republicans.

In addition, Republicans had mixed views on the collapsed House GOP bill. Clear majorities of them opposed boosting premiums for older people and those who’ve had gaps in coverage. They were more likely to oppose than support cutting Medicaid and were divided over linking subsidies to age more than income.