Some of us, of a certain age and of a certain time, will remember the book published by R.D. Laing in 1972, titled Knots. (I checked. You can still buy it on Amazon; prices range between $2 and $2,128.) If you don’t know Laing’s book or don’t remember it, the illustration above will give you an idea of its contents.

Here is an update. We may call it the Naked Emperor Knot.

I am wearing a gorgeous, specially tailored, new suit of clothes.

There are many others like it in my closet.

My beloved minions all praise my wonderful wardrobe.

But the New York Times and CNN claim I am naked.

Therefore the New York Times and CNN are liars and enemies of the people.

I have 650 high level posts that remain vacant. Other jobs I need to fill number several thousand.

I will appoint only honest people, who can see that I am wearing beautiful clothing, to fill these jobs.

If you want a government job, you must convince me that you sincerely believe I am not naked.

And you must publicly testify to the beauty of my wardrobe.

Better a non-functioning government than a government filled with liars.