Channeling His Inner Lenin


When Aardvark was a wee lad down in the heart of Dixie—only knee high to a grasshopper, as his father would have said—the older folks used to chuckle about “Life, the magazine for people who can’t read,” and “Time, the magazine for people who can’t think.”

The thought underlying these kneeslapping witticisms was that Time and Life were reporting that some southern white people were, some of the time, badly mistreating some southern black people.

This was extremely unwelcome information. As the song put it so well, “Look away! Look away! Look awat\y! Dixieland.”

There is a direct line between “the magazine for people who can’t think” and a press that is “the enemy of the American people.” Racist language has ripened into full blown totalitarian language.

Maybe Trump knew he was echoing Lenin. Or maybe he didn’t know what he was saying.

Either way, this will not end well.