Knives and Gunfights, or, The Difference Between Trump and Hitler


What is the difference between Trump and Hitler? Many are asking Aardvark this question. Throughout the world, Enquiring Minds Want to Know.

Aardvark, regrettably, is no expert on twentieth century European history. But I am pretty sure of this: Hitler knew that you do not bring a knife to a gunfight.

It is the morning of February 16—almost, but not quite, a month into our national descent into madness. In his inauguration speech Trump declared war on American political institutions. His spokespuppets have declared war on facts. But venom and ridicule are poor substitutes for jackboots.

He has declared war on the courts, and the courts have reciprocated. When the time comes for Trump to order disobedience to court orders, will the government follow? I don’t think so.

Trump has  declared war on our intelligence agencies. This morning’s news is that he and Steve Bannon will bring in a billionaire buddy to overhaul the intelligence agencies. The gentlemen in question is said to be a great expert in chewing up companies and spitting out the pieces. I think we will see who gets chewed up and spit out.

Trump may not be the anti-Christ, but he is the anti-Sunzi. He doesn’t know his own weakensses and he doesn’t know his enemies’ strengths. In a hundred battles, a hundred defeats.

What to do next? What’s the inevitable next step in his playbook? MASS RALLIES! MASS RALLIES!