The Mole in the Situation Room


Good morning. It’s Wednesday, February 16. Over at Faux News, someone unfortunately named Dr. Ablow writes, Relax, Trump is stone cold sane. Well, that’s good to know.

Meanwhile, the reality based community is in a major freakout over incompetence or worse at the White House. But you knew that already, and, like Chris Matthews, you demand of Aardvark, “Tell me something I don’t know.”

Well, here’s something I didn’t know till I read it this morning:

[S]ome of our spy agencies have begun withholding intelligence from the Oval Office. Why risk your most sensitive information if the president may ignore it anyway? A senior National Security Agency official explained that NSA was systematically holding back some of the “good stuff” from the White House, in an unprecedented move. For decades, NSA has prepared special reports for the president’s eyes only, containing enormously sensitive intelligence. In the last three weeks, however, NSA has ceased doing this, fearing Trump and his staff cannot keep their best SIGINT secrets.

Martin Longman argues that the Blackmail Story Doesn’t Add Up. His piece is lengthy. His reasoning is convoluted but plausible. Conclusion: the intelligence agencies took down Flynn because they were persuaded he was Russia’s mole in the Situation Room.

Trump’s response this morning? Release a terrifying tweetstorm of invective at the intelligence agencies.

Just like Dr. Ablow said, Trump is stone cold sane. He knows who his enemies are.