Are You There, God? It’s Me, Aardvark.

Many of the Founding Fathers were Deists. They believed that God, the Divine Clockmaker, had wound up the universe, set it going, and then stepped back. But, at least for some of them, their experiences during the Revolution made them rethink their theology. So high had been the odds against them, that they came to believe there really was a Divine Providence that blessed America.

Well, we need some of that old fashioned Divine Providence again, because the odds are that we’re in for multiple tragedies.

There is Turmoil at the National Security Council, From the Top Down.

The President discusses national secrets in a public dining room.

Decisions affecting national security exhibit malevolence tempered by incompetence.

Is economic policy any better? Paul Krugman writes,

And on economics — well, there’s nobody home. The Council of Economic Advisers, which is supposed to provide technical expertise, has been demoted from cabinet rank, but that hardly matters, since nobody has been nominated to serve. Remember all that talk about a trillion-dollar infrastructure plan? If you do, please remind the White House, which hasn’t offered even a ghost of a concrete proposal.

But let me not be too hard on the Tweeter-in-chief: disdain for expertise is general in his party. For example, the most influential Republican economists aren’t serious academics with a conservative bent, of whom there are many; they’re known hacks who literally can’t get a number right.

Or consider the current G.O.P. panic over health care. Many in the party seem shocked to learn that repealing any major part of Obamacare will cause tens of millions to lose insurance. Anyone who studied the issue could have told them years ago how the pieces of health reform fit together, and why. In fact, many of us did, repeatedly. But competent analysis wasn’t wanted.

This evening we learn that Justice Dept. warned that Flynn could be vulnerable to Russian blackmail, officials say. And, from another source, we are told that the President will interview David Petraeus as a possible replacement for General Flynn. I hope Petraeus accepts the job–on the condition that he can bring along his mistress, because he is going to need all the comfort he can get.

Plainly, reason and common sense have failed us. Democracy has chosen unwisely.

If we survive, it will be because God has Blessed America Again.