Where This Is All Headed, or, Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin


Aardvark has looked into his crystal ball and there he sees confusion visited on his enemies. But Aardvark is not gleeful. He is not even happy. Aardvark is sad, very sad.

Let the record reflect that  at midday on January 29 the spirit of the Lord came down upon Aardvark, and, based on the immigration clusterfuck and the other news of the week, Aardvark prophesied thusly:

  1. A president names about 4,000 officials, of whom 1,212 must be confirmed by the Senate. Many remain unfilled, including, for example, the successors to the senior State Department managers who were fired last week.
  2. The Bannon/Trump plan is to hire people with plausible credentials as figureheads, while filling the positions below them with Trumpkins who will do what Steve Bannon tells them to do.
  3. There remain a large number of Trumpkins in the United States, but lots of the folks that Bannon will want to insert into leadership positions will lack plausible qualifications, or will suffer from other disabilities, such as a long history of racist and misogynist tweets. Some of those that need Senate confirmation won’t get confirmed.
  4. The designated figureheads like Tillerson and Mattis will begin to get the message that they are designated figureheads. They will become restless. They will threaten to resign. Some of them probably will resign. (But the new HUD Secretary will welcome his role as designated figurehead and be relieved to be surrounded by Trumpkins.)
  5. About the time that all of this becomes clear, even to those of the meanest intelligence, other results that inevitably follow from governance by magical thinking will become clear. To take only two examples: appellate courts will enjoin Trump from implementing his immigration policies. And the magical health fix will fail be long, long overdue.
  6. Trump will deny that any of this is happening. As his delusions manifest themselves with even greater clarity, the Reince Priebuses and Sean Spicers that surround him will desert the sinking ship. (But Kellyanne Conway will go down with the ship.)
  7. Bannon and Trump will implement what they think is their ace in the hole strategy: call out the mobs. Trump will schedule a series of rallies around the country. But in a city where 30,000 showed up for him during the campaign, 3,000 will appear this time. Mosf of them will be dressed in Nazi regalia and waving Confederate flags.
  8. Trump will look out over the crowd and “see” the 30,000 people who were there last time. When photographs appear the next day, he will declare that the lying New York Times has photoshopped them. He will believe that to be true.
  9. Trump’s delusional utterances will make him a laughingstock in red states as well as blue states.
  10. Trump and Bannon will begin to issue illegal orders directed at the suppression of their enemies.
  11. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell will realize that their wet dream of a billionaire tax cut will never take place under Trump—but could well take place under President Pence.
  12. Learned legal memoranda on the 25th Amendment will circulate throughout Washington
  13. The men in the white coats will gather outside the Oval Office.