They’re Already Leaving the Stadium in the First Inning

A-League Rd 8 - Melbourne v Adelaide

Astonishingly, Trump’s approval dropped only eight points during his first week in office.

They’re already leaving the stands.

Here’s the thing. Let’s say, just for the sake of discussion, that you are a white racist bigot. And let’s say that you perceive—and, may I say, very accurately perceive—that The Donald both shares your bigotry and is, like you, happy to proclaim it to the world. That’s one of the main reasons why you supported him.

And let’s say that you have no moral objection to lying in the cause of bigotry. After all, you say, the end justifies the means.

Assuming all of this, wouldn’t you want a bigot that is competent? One that is organized enough to advance the cause—not one who blusters so ineffectually and prevaricates so flagrantly that he gives bigotry itself a bad name?

Wouldn’t you want a bigot who is a credit to his race?