Nibbling the Bullet


A few days into the new presidency, more observers are beginning to acknowledge the elephant in the room: Trump’s delusional thinking. The Plum Line, for example, nibbles at the bullet with this headline: Sean Spicer just said Trump believes millions voted illegally. Here’s the problem: No one can tell him otherwise.

Almost there, Plum Line, almost there. Because “the” problem isn’t the advisers, “the” problem is the President’s ingrained delusional thinking.

And so we arrive at this scenario from the Twilight Zone; The Plum Line concludes,

The White House’s actual position is that Trump genuinely believes that millions of people voted illegally, which would have dire implications for our democracy — yet Trump also doesn’t think this is a big enough deal to merit a serious accounting, because it didn’t prevent him from winning.

A final thought: Aardvark much prefers reading stories about what has happened to reading stories about what might happen or could happen or will probably happen, unless something else happens. That said, here’s what I’ll be watching for.

You remember that almost –completed health care bill—just need to run it through spell check—that was going to fix everything? The bill that the HHS candidate doesn’t know anything about? Let’s see what happens when Trump’s magical thinking on health care meets right wing ideology and the two of them meet the five million Trump supporters about to lose their health care coverage.

Maybe this clown car can reach unity on some health care policy that is at least coherent, even if abhorrent. That is a metaphysical possibility. But if you believe it, then Aardvark has a nice bridge in Brooklyn to sell you at a really good price.


Trump calls for ‘major investigation’ into alleged voter fraud, according to his latest tweet. And why would he possibly do such a thing? I think that you, gentle reader, already know the answer: BECAUSE HE BELIEVES IT TO BE TRUE.