Is Trump the Anti-Christ? We Report. You Decide.


A recent email communication from one of Aardvark’s high school classmates says that in the Bible Belt, where said classmate resides, many believe Trump isthe Anti-Christ.

Possibly, this claim is intended to be taken seriously but not literally.

In any event, Aardvark, despite being a retired lawyer, feels that he does not have all the professional qualifications needed to recognize the Anti-Christ. Accordingly, he has consulted expert sources, identified at the end of this post. It appears that the characteristics of the Anti-Christ include the following:

  1. Extremely charismatic
  2. A problem solver
  3. Heavily involved in Mideast issues
  4. Extremely arrogant
  5. Ruthless behind the scenes
  6. Not a follower of a major religion
  7. Someone who gives lip service to religion
  8. A great deceiver
  9. A person whose followers believe he can perform miracles
  10. A liar

Aardvark has reported. You decide.

Expert Sources Consulted: