Show Biz, Spicy Facts, and Shooting the Messenger

Joining Ms. Conway as a national joke is Sean Spicer. The Huffington Post has collected these jewels, among many others.


Morning Joe joins the chorus of those calling for Trump’s good advisors to throw out his bad advisers, and fulminates over lack of experience. But then Joe lets slip the truth that a fish rots from the head down. And therein, of course, lies the problem, because good advisors might possibly put the fish in the freezer and slow down the rot, but they can’t undo the decay.

Paul Krugman wonders whether, when bad news comes, as it inevitably will, Trump will shoot the messenger. When the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports rising unemployment, will The Donald denounce the statisticians for joining the conspiracy against him?

Of course he will. Because he’s delusional. He really did see those thousands of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating the fall of the twin towers.