Take the Cheese, Donald! Take the Cheese!


A propos of l’affaire Lewis, many pundits of a progressive bent have made these points:

  1. President Elect Birther lacks standing to complain of attacks on the legitimacy of his presidency.
  2. If anyone does have standing to make such an attack, that person would be John Lewis.
  3. Trump is a lout to attack a civil rights hero on MLK day.

Aardvark agrees, though his agreement is bootless.

What strikes me about this affair is that Congressman Lewis played Trump like a violin. Mixing the metaphor, the good congressman put a large and smelly piece of cheese on a large and lethal mousetrap. He knew exactly what he was doing, and he knew why he was doing it and when he was doing it. Rep. Lewis exhibited no particular subtlety or finesse, nor, plainly, did he need any subtlety. He just put the cheese on the trap and the mouse pounced, right on time, utterly heedless of the consequences.

To follow up on the previous post, if my name were Vladimir Putin, I would be scared shitless to have a guy this childish as my agent.