Nixon and Trump: Comparison and Contrast

Not a Crook

Trump’s Problem: He Was Forced to Rely on the Wrong People to Do His Dirty Work

Washington Post, Impeachment inquiry shows Trump at the center of Ukraine efforts against rivals

This morning, the Washington Post lays it out and sums it up for you. Well worth the read. I want to draw your attention to these concluding observations about Nixon versus Trump, a this point in the impeachment process:

Nick Akerman, a prosecutor who investigated President Richard Nixon, said that unlike Watergate, when prosecutors struggled to figure out Nixon’s role in the events they were investigating, a growing body of evidence points directly to Trump.

“Here, you’ll have that in spades,” Akerman said. “All these individuals, all testifying that this is what happened. . . . It’s just cascading at this point.”

Akerman said that unlike Nixon’s loyal cadre of aides, Trump’s outer circle of aides and advisers is increasingly unwilling to shield him from what some view as his own dubious behavior.

“This is a situation where you’ve got a lot of people who are career people, extremely smart people who certainly don’t want their reputations smeared,” Akerman said. “Trump had to use these foreign services people and professionals. He didn’t speak Ukrainian and Russian. He couldn’t communicate his threat without these people. He was forced to use people whose loyalty was to the U.S. government and Constitution and not to him.”

And, he added, each new witness and detail seems to reveal a common thread: “You’ve got Trump clearly involved.”

Clown Abandons Clown Car

clown car

Alison Durkee, Rick Perry Resigns As Energy Secretary Amid Ukraine Drama:

President Donald Trump’s record-breaking turnover in his Cabinet is continuing, as Energy Secretary Rick Perry officially tendered his resignation from his White House post. Perry reportedly informed Trump of his resignation Thursday, and the president confirmed Perry’s imminent departure to reporters before a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Texas later that day. …

While the soon-to-be private citizen has so far demurred about whether he’ll participate in the probe, saying he would follow the direction of the Energy Department and White House counsel, sources cited by Politico say Perry “may cooperate as a way to salvage his reputation before he departs.” “For the most part, he has a lot to lose by getting embroiled in this and he’s not going to want to hide things,” a source in the energy industry close to the administration told Politico Thursday. “He’s going to want to extract himself as cleanly as he can from this snare.”

And aside from salvaging what’s left of his reputation–which is not bloody much–it may also have occurred to Perry that going to jail for perjury, in a misguided effort to save The Donald’s sorry ass, would not be a good career move.

Were You Lying Then or Are You Lying Now?


The question often arises. But it’s less often that you get to ask, “Where you lying this afternoon or are you lying this evening?”

Mulvaney This Afternoon

ABC REPORTER: Let’s be clear. What you just described is a quid pro quo. Funding will not flow unless the investigation into the Democratic server happened as well.

MULVANEY: We do that all the time with foreign policy. … I have news for everybody. Get over it. There is going to be political influence in foreign policy. Elections have consequences.

Mulvaney This Evening

Let me be clear, there was absolutely no quid pro quo between Ukrainian military aid and any investigation into the 2016 election.  The president never told me to withhold any money until the Ukrainians did anything related to the server. The only reasons we were holding the money was because of concern about lack of support from other nations and concerns over corruption. … There never was any condition on the flow of the aid related to the matter of the DNC server.


Every Day, It’s A-Getting Closer, Going Faster Than a Roller Coaster



Washington Post, Live updates: Mulvaney confirms Ukraine aid was withheld in part over request to investigate Democrats, despite Trump’s denial of a quid pro quo

I knew they would get there, because they had to get there, and there was absolutely nowhere else for them to go: Withholding military aid to a country under invasion until they did up dirt on your political opponents.

Happens all the time. Perfectly normal. Nothing to see here. So …