A Theologian Weighs In

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If, by chance, you do not know who the Reverend Ralph Drollinger is, then permit me to tell you. Rev. Drollinger is the spiritual leader of the White House Bible Study Group, which includes ten Cabinet members.

Recently, Rev. Drollinger applied his high theological wisdom to the question whether the coronavirus represents the wrath of God on America—a topic I addressed in my last post. His detailed taxonomy of the various forms of divine wrath may be found in an essay titled Is God Judging America Today?

Great theological minds, it is said, think alike. I am, accordingly, more than gratified to find that, after much hemming and hawing, zigging and zagging, toing and froing, Rev. Drollinger concludes, with me, that we are experiencing the form of divine wrath that comes from sowing the wind and reaping the whirlwind.

Regrettably, the reverend does not describe in any detail the nature of  wind that we have sown, i.e., the exact source of the whirlwind we now reap. For that, you will have to turn to my theological analysis.

A Sign from God

a sign from God

It is a well-known fact that God is in the business of micromanaging the universe. The thought is captured in this beautiful hymn:

Unfortunately, some professed Christians deny and revile one of God’s greatest gifts: our rational minds, and our ability to do scientific investigation. A New York Times op-ed captures the consequences of this grievous impiety: The Road to Coronavirus Hell Was Paved by Evangelicals: Trump’s response to the pandemic has been haunted by the science denialism of his ultraconservative religious allies.

If God micromanages the universe, it follows as the night the day that God micromanages who gets covid-19 and who doesn’t. Thus, as the Times op-ed notes, some pastors are keeping their churches open and packed on Sundays, confidently declaring that God will protect them.

And, by like token, on a larger scale, God has the power to micromanage which countries suffer the worse outbreaks and which do not. If, today, the United States is suffering the worst ravages of the pandemic, it must because God is especially angry at the United States.

Likewise, if God starts killing congregants at megachurches that defy the pandemic and stay open for business, it follows by ineluctable logic that God is angry at them.

And what, you may well ask, would be the reason for God’s anger at the United States, and His coming decimation of the megachurches?

There can be one reason, and one reason only: divine rage at the impious denial and refusal of His greatest gift, the gift of reason.

As one of my posse remarked yesterday, “Two paths diverged in a yellow wood, and America chose the psychopath.”

And now, ladies and germs, let us all rise for our closing hymn.

As the Stomach Turns

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This afternoon, fivethirtyeight.com’s poll of polls shows a distinct uptick in Trump approval. Unbelievable. Meanwhile, Stanley Greenberg, a Democratic pollster, assures us that Americans’ Revulsion for Trump is Underappreciated: As Democrats fret about their own prospects, many fail to recognize the president’s fundamental weakness. Welcome news, provided It’s actually true.

Someone broke my crystal ball, so I’ll go on gut and logic. Pretty soon, Trump is going to order us back to work. (See Greg Sargent, A viral plea to let grandparents sacrifice themselves captures a truth about Trump.)

And that is when the shit will well and truly hit the fan.