How to Make Budweiser?

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Attending college greatly increases one’s capacity to reason; see last sentence of quotation, infra. But according to this encouraging poll, the unlettered are beginning to get the memo:

The increase in disapproval for the President comes primarily among whites without college degrees, 45% of whom approve and 47% disapprove, marking the first time his approval rating with this group has been underwater in CNN polling since February 2018. In December, his approval rating with whites who have not received a four-year degree stood at 54%, with 39% disapproving. Among whites who do hold college degrees, Trump’s ratings are largely unchanged in the last month and remain sharply negative — 64% disapprove and 32% approve.

The Power to Declare


Jeffrey Toobin probably did not write the headline that appears over his post at the New Yorker site this afternoon: Can Donald Trump Invoke Emergency Powers to Get His Wall?

The answer is Yessiree Bob, he can do that very thing. Yes, indeedy, he can do that exact thing. He can invoke until he is blue in the face. And while he is invoking and declaring, he can also declare that the moon is made of green cheese.

That two plus two equals seventeen.

That the week has twenty-two days.

Emergency + Shutdown

And here’s something else he can do, and, I think, very probably will do: declare his state of emergency, see how it plays in court, and try to keep the government shut in the meantime. See this evening’s Politico post: White House warns shutdown could carry on after emergency declaration: Trump may tap his emergency powers without reopening the government, a move some allies say could ‘screw’ Democrats.

Actually, the screwees will more likely be the Senate Republicans. See discussion below.

Donald’s Choice

Donald had a fundamental choice to make: either (1) back off the horseshit, and label whatever result he got on border security as a famous victory, or (2) go for broke, riling up the base, and painting himself into a corner where he couldn’t compromise and retain any credibility with his raging mob.

Actually, Donald Only Had One Option

Because Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh weren’t going to let him get away with choice (1).

And the shit is about to hit the fan with the Mueller report. Without a revved-up base, hopping up and down, his goose will be well and truly cooked. So his only option was to rile up his base and thus to severely limit his negotiating flexibility.

That was true last week. It’s true this week. It will be true next week. It will be true next month.

There is no off ramp for The Donald.

There will never be an off ramp for The Donald.

It’s Crunch Time for the Senate Republicans

Either the shutdown will continue, or the Senate Republicans are going to have to work out something veto-proof with Chuck and Nancy.

And, given that the rabble is roused to a fare thee well, a Senate Republican deal over Trump’s veto will drive a meat cleaver through the Republican coalition.

And why might they take such a suicidal course?

Because their paymasters, seeing the United States rapidly turning into a failed state, tell them that’s what they have to do.

off ramp

Inside His Reptilian Mind


In Donald Trump is the world’s worst negotiator, Paul Waldman makes the case that … Well, I think the title tells what case he makes.

Others have argued that he doesn’t want a deal, he wants a big fight—in which case, it isn’t exactly ineptitude, it’s showmanship.

All plausible points. Here’s my take.

In Trump’s reptilian mind, he reasons that he can win by causing all manner of misery to all manner of people. He thinks that the Democrats are wimpish empathizers, so they will knuckle under long before the smart, empathyless crowd he represents gives in. So he will win.

His reptilian reasoning is both right and wrong. An imbalance of empathy could indeed, sometimes, lead to an imbalance in negotiating power.

What his  mind has not grasped is that he is so unreliable a negotiator, and so autocratic in his inclinations, that it will be impossible for the Democrats to make a deal with him.

Once they kowtow the first time, the kowtowing will never end.

So there cannot be a first time.

A minority of our fellow citizens want to exercise dictatorship over the majority. It cannot happen.


No, I’m Not Talking about Twitter

A classmate from dear old Redstate High—someone who is punctuationally challenged and, I think, somewhat defensive at this point about her personal political savior—has posted this:

trump and jesus

I am reminded of my Uncle Ralph. As I mentioned at some point in the past, Uncle Ralph, who was actually familiar with the New Testament, spent his career as pastor of the First Baptist Church of East Nowhere, Alabama. When people began to show up at the Piggly Wiggly speaking Spanish, my uncle consulted the Bible, and it told him what to do: welcome them to town, ask them if they needed any help, invite them to church, and try to learn their language.

Uncle Ralph would approve the following message:

twitter jesus